Tuesday, February 10, 2015

oh yeah, I'm still recovering...

Oh sigh.

SO many people have told me how much energy and time it takes to heal from a reportedly serious injury.....  and I realize it over and over.  Oy.  I'm sorry but I just don't think that this should be continuing on, I think 2 weeks is plenty of down time don't you??  Yeah, I know, 6 weeks, blah.

My arm and I had a little discussion just now.  I told it how it has had an entire afternoon of rest and it reminded me that I have little say in how good it feels.  I think it was being just a little lippy.  It is sort of owie right now.

Ok, update:  I went to school Monday, I was partially incoherent much of the day. Really- there were times I could not finish sentences.  I also felt on the verge of an emotional breakdown for reasons I can't really explain.  I made it through the morning and went on to the elementary and taught wildly changed and altered lessons to the little ones.  I have a nice prep time at the end of the day on Monday and I spent that time popping pills and trying to recover so I could go onto the  last segment of the day: beginning scenery preparation for the school play....

Shall I say that I had a little dinner and then did not move much for the next several hours.  AND I fell asleep at the end of Ellen's furniture design show, so I don't know who got kicked off.  DON'T TELL ME EITHER!  I'm going to find it this weekend and watch it again.  I was awake for a new series called "Better Call Saul" which is looking to be really good.  I need something to replace Boardwalk empire.

I actually woke up and felt pretty good, but I knew that 2 days was going to be too much, so I rested this afternoon.  Apparently this was a smart plan, as I can't imagine what I'd feel like after 3 straight hours more of teaching.  I really really thought I would bounce back you guys.  I never in a million years expected to have to have periodic recovery periods. Ach.

Well tomorrow I will be hopping back into it, including after school scenery painting.  Hopefully it will be a little easier than Monday.

I live a boring life these days.  LOL.

I hope that you all have found yourself a little bit of joy today- mine was walking through the lunchroom today and I had a chorus of greetings from some very cute 3rd graders.  Made me smile SUPER big!

Sleep well and dream big everyone!  :)

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