Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Taking it slow

My mind has finally caught up to, or in this case maybe slowed down for, my body and I have given into the fact that I will not be putting full days plus after school time this week.  It just isn't going to happen.  After my exhausting day Monday, I have cut myself back to mornings only this week, and since there is only a half day on Friday, I will be gone that day too.  Fortunately there is an inservice on Monday, so I will see how that goes.

There are all sorts of things that have made my arms hurt in the last few days, and I discover new and exciting things that involve the radial head ALL. THE. TIME. (Guess if I was able to use the apple slicer/corer thingie this afternoon!) (no)  I have mentioned this many times, I am most surprised by the lack of linear healing.  I could put on my socks this morning, but not pull the car door shut with my left arm. Yesterday I could do neither and the day before I could do both. Thank heaven for my HS kids who help me with school stuff - they are awesome.  I also have wonderful coworkers and my bosses are super supportive.  I think living in the north we all understand that these falls could happen literally anytime and to anyone of us- no matter how fit or athletic or graceful we are or are not.

This coming weekend is the Book Across the Bay and I am really bumming about that.  Even though the temperature is supposed to be really cold, I am not convinced I would not have been up there at 6pm on Feb. 14.  I see the updates on Facebook and I have all sorts of sad feels.  It was SUCH a fun time last year.  I saw people I hadn't seen in years, and the Mad-English Teacher and I had a blast.  And we made it back to town without falling asleep in the car or anything!!  Sigh.  So as the old cliché goes- there is always next year.

So, I am quickly running out of steam here.  Typing gets to me after a while and I am just plain getting sleepy.  I like to wait up for the MA- it is that time of the year and he will not be home for an hour or so.  At least he came home for supper and was able to relax for an hour before he went back at it.

I need to remember how far I have come.  I can get (mostly) dressed by myself (tight socks are a wildcard), put on a coat, zip, open the car door and then (usually) close it, drive, sleep- kind of, feed myself (chocolate, anyone?), take a shower, feed the  horse and on and on and only 2.5 weeks ago I could do none of it.  So YAY!  THAT is something to be joyful about!

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