Saturday, February 14, 2015

No BATB and other things

I'm sitting here wondering why my Aleve hasn't kicked in yet, but oh well, I'm pressing on.  

So the Book Across the Bay was doomed from the start, as the Mad-English teacher and I had a twitter discussion about the fact that there is no WAY we would be doing that thing this year.  NUH -UH!!!  TOOOOO cold and windy- the wind would have been the deal breaker.  It was cold last year and breezy, but this year its out of control.  So, oh well.  We will be BACK!  And for those who DO the BATB, you are warriors and I hope y'all don't get frost bite!

I have been emerging from my self-centered haze and realize that I did NOT send Valentines cards to my children and grandbabies.  Sadface.  That totally bums me out, I understand that sending a card does not make me the best grandma/mother in the entire world, but I was planning it and I spaced it.  I was even taken out on a road trip or two and I SAW VALENTINE CARDS AND I STILL DIDN'T CONNECT THE DOTS.  Oy.  I think I remember my mom sending things to the kids when they were little and it was so much fun to get that package.  Of course one time when we were waiting for a package to come, a certain child of mine **coughgregcough** fell off a little rocking chair and knock out his toofer.  Ah yes- the early walker and early teether experienced early injury...  Oh well.  He lived and thrived.  Lol

Anyway, I had a minor couple victories in the last day or so.  While making a burger for the MA (was it last night??)  I noticed a definite lack of pain while i was smashing that thing down with a spatula (I don't ever touch meat- ew).  This, to me, was a significant sign of healing for that crack in the right arm.  #FTW!!!  Then this morning I woke up with both of my arms tucked in under my chin- which is a usual position for them- importantly the left one was not stretched out setting on a pillow like Cinderella's glass slipper. YAY!!  It does still bother me quite a lot, but this was notable!  I like having tiny little victories like that.

So big news, I am going to the grocery store all by my lonesome today.  My lovely friend Luann went and picked up the heavy things for me on Thursday, so today I am going to get a few more things that won't weigh a million pounds.  Big victory.  And then Valentines lunch out.  If it wasn't for the grocery store trip, I would TOTALLY stay home, as it is nasty icky cold out there.  

Anyway, I hope all of you have a lovely Valentines Day with someone who really matters to you. The with part is a whole lot more important than anything else.  If not with them today, very very soon!  And I hope it brings you so much joy.

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