Friday, February 6, 2015

Return to life, but the Lite version

Having never broken a bone before, I was not aware at the willful lack of linear healing and relief that is at work here.  I mean seriously, if I was feeling a lot better yesterday, does it not stand to reason that I should feel at the MINIMUM as well as before???  TELL me that this isn't a totally reasonable expectation!!!

Be that as it may, I went to the dr. yesterday and had xrays.  Overall, this was a good thing. Especially the part where I went to another Health food store, the grocery store and out to lunch at the ever awesome Island Café.

Ah X-Rays, you are my hero and the bane of my existence.  They hurt like mad and they irritated my arms.  BOOOO  However, I can go back to work on Monday, with some limitations for a while.  So that is good.  I have loads and loads of advice coming at me from many directions, and I will see what happens.  I can't not go to school.  AND I MUST start the play sets.  So, off we will go.  I did figure out some alternative plans for the elementary (putting off clay for a week or two- not just the lifting, it is the issue of manipulating the clay) and will probably go for a test drive today to pick up some dowels for my Plan B for the 4th and 5th grade.  I think I need someone to help me out on Sunday afternoon or morning to drag out the yarn for this, so I may be calling.  Just not sure who to call yet.

So, that mysterious left arm does not have an obvious crack, instead the xray shows that it got smushed down.  I know that is a pretty technical term, but it is true.  You can see below where the right hand radial head has a nice curve down and the one on the left has a weird mushroom cap?  Yeah, that thing is the smush.  Read: fracture of the smushed sort.  AND just for an added moment of excitement, you can look above the smushroom cap almost to the top, there is a little notch.  That little bastard hurts too.

So as if the day didn't actually go super well- I had some visitors who came bearing pizza and wine. Some of my awesome and amazing friends who happen to be colleagues came and entertained me with tales of life.  So nice of them!!!

Fast forward to last night and I could NOT sleep very well.  Things hurt, heart decided to beat fast (could have been the wine!), mind kept spinning.  ugh.

I can do pretty much whatever I can tolerate- but that isn't as much as I thought.  The grip strength and squeeze ability and range of motion is a bit of a problem.  So the beta version of art teaching seems to be on the screen right now.

Today, I have done several small tasks, gentle tasks, so don't get all worked up.  And my arm is toast.  So, it is time for me to rest.  I think I will sit and look at my newest bouquet of flowers, I am constantly astonished at this.  I LOVE flowers, unabashedly, totally and completely.

They, like so so SO many of you  have given me an immeasurable amount of joy!


  1. I think crush fractures are a little bit worse than simple fractures. What are the doctor saying about your crush fracture and healing?

    1. I am to honor my arm, basically. I can't lift more than 10 lb for now. and I should plan to do what I can and when I am tired, I am to rest. And when I hurt I should rest. Otherwise I have an appt in about 2 weeks (more like 10 days) and we will see what happens then