Thursday, February 5, 2015

FINALLY some progress

Yesterday was a tough day for me.  Even though I tried to talk my way through it, I was going insane.  I was bored, I was restless, I needed to DO something.  So therefore, books and movies and tv were not cutting it.  Say what you want, but in this situation it was not pleasant to be forced into a state of inaction.  My arms hurt mostly all day and I was just unhappy.  And though I tried to nap, it doesn't work very well for  me.

Fast forward to evening and I went to bed before 10 pm- again.  NOT typical for me at all.  First thing I noticed when I laid down is that my arms were not aching when I positioned my them
for sleep.  Until last night, sleeping was far more painful than being up.  It was such a relief!  While I woke up quite often, as I do anyway, I did not have to take ibu at 3 or 4 in the am.  YES!!!!

Adding to my good mood is I get out of the house again.  X-rays, dr. appt, lunch out with my good friend who is driving me!  So happy!!  I will be very interested to hear what the dr. has to say and what my next steps are.

And another day of sun is welcome, because it appears we are back to clouds and snow tomorrow.

Carry on with all of your joy-giving activities!  :)

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