Friday, March 6, 2015

Bags and Manicotti

To say I am tired this morning is one of those understatements that really you shouldn't bother with at all.  Like, "Dang, it is cold up here in northern Wisconsin" or "The weekend sure goes fast!". I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought of that saying (where it came from I have no idea) I have bags under my eyes down to my knees.  My week is catching up with me, guys.  I suddenly woke up at 5:40, which is almost an hour later than usual, and yet here I still sit and I decided to write a blog post??? You figure it out, I am not sure what is going on.

It has been a full week!  After my escapades of last weekend, I jumped with both feet into high octane art teaching and painting scenery until 6:30 at night.  My poor horse can't believe that I am feeding him at 7 pm, and he is really hungry with this stupid COLD weather.  Anyway, they are promising warmer days and nights, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!  I will be outside in the 40 degree temps- barefoot.  I am feeling that this year!!  Right after school, next Tuesday or Wednesday.  The thing I am feeling I believe is that proverbial spring fever- so much promise.

So yeah, the school musical scenery is making pretty good progress- We have begun everything that needs to be worked on. We have finished or almost finished a few things, and we will have a weekend workday in the hopes that we don't have to kill ourselves next week.  Who am I kidding, I am hoping not to kill myself next week, the kids all seem to be fine!  They are awesome!

School is going ok, I am beginning to catchup with my gradebook and projects- kind of, but my rooms are a wreck.  I have so much I need to do, and a lot involves lifting and climbing and I am not quite there yet.  But it is coming.  I have massive amounts of anxiety over this though, I have put off my clay units because of this and I am still revising lesson plans. Stupid elbows.

Speaking of that, my used-to-be worse elbow, the left smush, is way way better and it is my right arm that is still giving me issues.  But better than it was for sure!  It wakes me up every morning unhappy but seems to gain ground during the day.  The NSAIDS I am taking are surely taking a toll on my tummy, but I have cut those back dramatically.  I am deadly tired every night when I get home and I barely have the energy to change into my robe and make avocado toast for supper and collapse on the couch.  I have forgotten to do my stretching exercise now for a few days, so I better get that done asap!

SOOOOO GLAD for Friday!  So the Manicotti  reference??  I am fortunate enough to be having some brought to me for lunch today and I am SO EXCITED!!!!  Doesn't take much, let me tell you, but this will be sublime!

So, since I should go and prep myself for school, and make my breakfast and take my Aleve, because - arm- and get ready to go, I better close up here. (Wow, wasn't that a run-on sentence.)

So it is Daylight savings this weekend- I expect to be incoherent on Monday morning and probably the rest of the week as well, but that won't keep me from finding my joy......especially since one of my little joys is expected to arrive at my house next Friday!! YAY!

Be a joy giver people!!!

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