Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mid-week bleh

I knew this would happen!  I knew that with all the stress my body has been under that I would obtain some gremlin virus in my system, and of course it comes during play week because that IS how it goes.  Ah yes.

While I am not rendered bedridden, I am not feeling my usual perky self either.  I'm thinking it is a cold, but it has occurred to me that last year I had about a month of some allergy things. I generally do not get that sort of allergy reaction, so I am a bit uneducated about it.  Frankly, I will take the cold virus.  CAN'T be as bad as 2 years ago during the play week, when my livingroom was being renoed and I had the stomach flu from hell and I missed out on the school performances.  That was a very sad Debi that year.

The real sads this morning is that I was really in no shape to go outside late last night and I see all sorts of people got fantastic Northern Lights photos!!  I was cold and hot at the same time and in bed before 10.  BOOOOO!  I would totally have gone out for that.  I live in a nicely dark area and undoubtedly could have seen them well....  another night I guess.

Well enough of the whining already.  So, the play is coming together nicely.  It is amazing how smoothly everything is going, the kids know their lines, the stage crew is coming together well.  Everyone thinks this is such a big play to stage, but it really isn't.  (The Sound of Music and Grease- that's all I need to say)  There isn't much down time, as the scenes are pretty short, so no one has time to get bored or fool around, which is good-  however, once we change one scene, we are planning the next one.  So we are blasting through it quickly during rehearsals, which is awesome.  I come home so dehydrated, as we seriously don't have the time to even think about find water.....

Tonight is rehearsal and then tomorrow is part of the play for the student body- elementary, MS, St. Anthony's, HS.  When each one is I am not sure- except the HS is at 11:20 or some such thing.  Early dismissal and then a little inservice in the afternoon (:/) and then Friday the performances begin.

I've been dousing myself with Zicam and aleve hoping to beat back the symptoms of this particular fun event, as I need to be on my A game.

It's Wednesday everyone, we can do this!! Be a joy giver and make the week go well.

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