Monday, March 16, 2015

Play week, 2015

Another play week is upon us here and the cast and crew of the Little Mermaid will make their first concerted effort to work and bring this all together tonight.  It is going to be a busy busy week for me, and I am beginning it a little tired.  Not an ideal situation, but am hoping it passes.

After a WONDERFUL weekend with Jon, Sarah and Ella, I spent the day yesterday sort of lounging about.  I did manage a 4.5 mile walk and made some curried lentils and sweet potatoes, so there was that!  **A quick aside to say, this recipe is sublime.  I alter it all the time, so don't worry too much about it.  I never have cilantro, and rarely jalapeno.  I put in red pepper flakes and last night used lemon juice instead of lime.  DO use some citrus at the end.  SO good.  Also, take the time to find the garam marsala! ** I even went to bed a little early, and fell asleep so fast.  YAY.

The first day of play week usually proves to be pretty tough on all of us.  First off after a full day of teaching (kindergarten, anyone??) I will jump right into dragging all the makeup out of the backstage and hop into making the kids up in the library beginning immediately after school.  I tend to the boys and their cute fluttery eyes and usually do the make up for a majority of the specialized faces.  Besides the fact I like to mess around with makeup, I love the bonding time with the cast.  And I can keep tabs on how they are feeling and do some calming and complimenting and give them a little boost if they need it.  After photos for the  newspaper, we will then begin the somewhat arduous task of beginning the scenery and props dance.  The sets will be marked for their final destinations, assignments will be given, curtains will be pulled, cast members will be tossed off stage. Lol We have some major pieces of scenery to move, and they will have to be attentive.  Fortunately, we have a slightly shorter play than normal, so perhaps I will be home before 9!  I hope so, as I MUST be home to watch Better Call Saul!  I'm hooked.

Tuesday and Wednesday is full dress rehearsal, but no makeup, so that takes a lot of work for me off the table for those 2 days.  Rehearsals will take less and less time each night, as we will hit our stride and begin to all work together as a team.   Mental note just made to buy extra batteries for flashlights and refreshments for my stage crew people.

Thursday is a half day of school and so we are going to jam our performances for the student body into the morning.  We will perform part of the play for each school and finish the second act after for no one.  The school performance can be a scary thing.  But they will shine- everything is going well.

Friday and Saturday will find me back at school by 6 pm and then Sunday the matinee is at 2.  This will be a full week, but that is how it all goes.  We may still have a few things to touch up later today, but as a whole the scenery is in good shape.  I feel the tension rising, tho, I always have so many little things to attend to this week.  I'll be on edge until I see how everything is going to go.

So I better get up and get myself going for the first day of play week.  I am glad that the early morning meeting I was supposed to have has been moved to a read the agenda meeting.  I will have plenty to attend to this morning.  Next week is already the last week of the 3rd quarter...... now where did THAT GO???  Oh wait, I know-- broken elbows.  sheesh.

Happy almost spring and be a giver of the joys today!  :)  MUAH!

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