Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer Vs Winter

I was just walking on my floors in barefeet (yay summer) and I detest with all my being the feeling of grit- sand, grass, coffee grounds, and /or sugar (from the bee water I make) under my feet.  It makes me crazy.  I began thinking about that and the statement you hear in the winter- at least there are no mosquitos.....  So here is my informal comparison and "contest".  I know of at least one person to vote for each season, so it is not necessarily a shoo in win.  Btw, this is  not an exhaustive list by any means.....

Which is worse:

Sweeping the Sahara desert plus the grass clippings from the entire Oswald compound off of my front room floor, and the kitchen floor and even a little on the living room floor or stepping and indeed sliding on the melting snow in the winter?

Putting away sandals, flip flops, running shoes, lawn mowing shoes and gardening boots every night or putting away winter crocs, boots, hiking boots and all my dress shoes.  While slipping in the melted snow on the floor.  And then getting my socks wet from a rogue snowball in the kitchen.

Mowing the lawn and weeding, (not to mention all the fun things and traveling) while needing to also to do something in the house to try and keep it from looking like an episode of hoarders OR shoveling and remote starting the car and having to wear at least crocs outside to feed the cats and needing to be fully dressed and coated to feed the horse every day.

Having to protect ones' self from biting insects and those stinking ticks that make you sick, plus slathering on the sunscreen to protect one's extremely pale northern skin from the sun OR protecting one from the elements with boots, long underwear, 3 layers of shirts/coats, windpants, mittens, hat and scarf.  To feed the horse on some days or to snowshoe/walk on most days.

Exhaustion from being outside constantly, doing something enjoyable or not or exhaustion from being a teacher and being sick for the 3rd time before the 1st of the new year.....

Being stuck on the deck during rainy periods with a bottle of insect repellent or being stuck inside for days because of forbiddingly cold temperatures, or sleet or heavy snow.

Kayaking, canoeing, biking, walking, hiking, traveling, enjoying iced coffee and photography........  or snowshoeing, walking, hiking, traveling, enjoying hot coffee, and photography.

Laying in bed sweltering in the 80 degree indoor temps (anyone with air conditioning or from the south can just hush) at night while listening to a cricket under the dresser, which will momentarily be moved because I cannot abide crickets in the house, or sleeping in a nice cool (62*) bedroom with a pile of blankets.  (never saw that one coming, did ya?) Again- hush.  You know who you are.

Walking to the car/garage always slightly worried about a skunk between there and the house or walking like an 80 yo trying not to fall on the ice, or slogging through knee deep snow and trying to keep it out of your boots.

Feeding the horse and then attempting to spray him down and not be covered with Eau de Flyspray before work or slogging through the knee deep snow trying not to get snow in my boots.

Hoping to not get hit by a rogue camper or truck/boat combination while exiting one's driveway (they drive pretty fast on the way to/from the lake) OR hoping not to get stuck behind the snowplow on the way to work.

Lymes disease or breaking your f ing elbows on the f ing road after slipping on a f ing iceball.

So, what say ye??  I am sure I could come up with more comparisons, but this covers it.  I may edit.  Feel free to add in your own!  Comment away!  :)

Extra points for those who can tell me how to make my elbow get 100% better by like yesterday.  It is not horrible but I am annoyed with it.

The winner gets a big old, you are AWESOME from me. How do you win?  I have no idea.  I am going kayaking now.

And by the way, I will take summer thank you very much.  Summer is better.** Winter breaks your bones.  That is all.  Find your joy.  I am outta here!!

**I do enjoy winter when I have to, because it would suck to be miserable for 6 months.....  and that is definitely not my gig!


  1. That's why I do an extra summer in FL. Love your writings, wit, words and insights, Debio. Oh, and pics too. Making a point to read more regularly. I think that gets me an AWESOME!

    1. Absolutely an awesome!!
      Can you message me who you are?? :)

  2. Oh, I should reply here. It's me...Bonnie Marie! Thanks for the AWESOME!

    1. OH!!! Lol, well my dear you get a fabulously awesome then! :)