Monday, June 1, 2015

More time on the water

I have gotten some nice time on the water on those random days when it has not been raining like crazy!  I spent a good portion of Sunday afternoon on the Flambeau, where the Mad-English teacher and I paddled up to the Pixley dam and then down to DeMars Bridge.   A nice 6 mile paddle!  

We really had a good time goofing off

The two of us are really novice kayakers and we channel our inner Jen when we go.  We have a fabulous friend who is a seasoned veteran in all things kayak, and her relative calm and relaxation while traveling on bodies of water is a thing of beauty.  We are both in awe of her ability to paddle while her feet are hanging off the sides or propped up in front of her.  We are practicing this on occasion, but generally our feet are firmly braced inside.

Water and photography break, moored next to a stump
I am feeling really good about my increasing skill level.  Each time I go out, I feel remarkably better at the kayak thing than the time before.  If I didn't have to go to work, I would have loaded my kayak and headed down to the lake for an early morning photo session.  This is coming people.  I have found something that speaks to my soul.  Now to get a clear dry bag for the big camera! And a better water bottle holder and of course the car rack so I don't have to depend on the MA's truck.  Amazon is going to be visited and orders will be placed!  Oh, the kayak accessories will be purchased from The Crazy Loon, since I get a discount and I really like that place!  :)

An earlier trip down to the mouth of Smith Creek

Lovely day until the clouds rolled in- then I had to put my sweatshirt on

This IS the life!! 

Meanwhile, I am about to embark on the last week of school.  And I am needing to begin that process, so I need to post this and get myself going.  And along the way this week I will be thinking about being out on the water and finding my joy.

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