Friday, June 5, 2015

Last day/first day

Today is the last official student day of school.  We actually have only a half day with the kids and then we have the rest of the day to clean/grade/finish-up our school year.  I can hardly believe that another year is over.  I have mixed emotions over it all.

It has been an interesting year for me, to say the least.  Of course last summer (and since I was at a class to renew my teaching license, I consider this part of the school year) I came down with Lymes- put me out of commission for a few weeks to say the least.  And then there was the whole elbow incident.....  so boo to those things.  I have taught with actually great success a whole PILE of new freshmen- and much to their and my surprise, many many of them have  truly excelled in art.  Or at least can see their own potential.  I have hit my sweet spot in teaching painting, too.  I have fine-tuned the process and steps and practice the kids have to do to learn to paint realistically. (Not that painting realistically is the ultimate end all, but that is a whole 'nuther post)  It takes a whole lot of practice painting, let me tell you.  Lots of color theory, lots and lots of reteaching.  But what a satisfying year it has been for that.

My elementary kids did well as a group, too.  I will say that it is a challenge to have up to 28 little kids in one art class.  The management aspect of it is very difficult at times.  That is a lot of 4th and 5th grade bodies to be in one classroom.  I have a class and a half because of my schedule restraints.  And of course the elbow thing really messed with my usual curriculum.  But that is the way that goes, we did fine.

There will be a lot of changes in our staff next year.  My dear friend Ginny L. is retiring and there are only 2 5th grade teachers remaining from the original elementary staff I began teaching with 19 years ago. THAT is really weird.  There are not too many High School Teachers remaining on staff from 19 years ago, either.  The staffing changes at the High School have been numerous lately.  One of those changes, as many of you know, and I won't discuss it here on my blog - YET- is very traumatic for me, and indeed everyone at the high school.  The unfairness of this- the incredible ignorance involved in this decision - is breathtaking.  And it is going to make my last day of school today brutally sad at times.

BUT after all that, tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation and that will be NICE.  We **may** have a trip to Bayfield in the works, complete with a ride on the ferry and a little lunch on a beach, and coffee and Coco's and other things that we don't even know about quite yet.  The weather is looking cautiously optimistic, though cool, and I am ready.  Next week I am going to go and relax at my seester's house and eventually make my way down to Janesville for a little Ella time.  I am hoping NO ONE will be tired of me after 5 days or so.  :)  

The first day of summer is full of potential!  So many little trips to take and things to do.  And I do have to occasionally stay home and garden and work on some art and generally spend quality time on a bike and in a kayak.  This is not gearing up to be a real warm summer so far, but there is hope that I will see temperatures rising into the 80's at some point here.  Not that we want to be sweltering or anything. Lol

Anyway, I need to wrap this up and get myself ready for this last day/first day.  I am sort of dragging my feet because of the finality that this day has.  However, I won't get to Bayfield tomorrow and begin my first day,  if I don't begin the last day.

I will do my best today to be the best joy-giver that I can be.  I hope you all have a spectacular day.  MWAH!

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